Bakery Crates

The handling of large quantities of freshly baked breads, rolls and confections can be challenging. Though not especially heavy, baked goods are susceptible to damage if packed too tightly. The fresher the product, the more susceptible it is. Baked goods are bulky and require lots of room with a minimum of stacking. The solution is a lightweight plastic tray that can carry bulky loads; that can stack without damaging the contents and that lets the product packaging show through. Trays must also accommodate automated handling equipment and hand-truck delivery. When empty, they must nest to minimise the amount of storage space required.

The trays must have smooth surfaces, which are easy to clean with no rough edges that can tear packaging.

The ideal source for such trays is Viscount Plastics. With many years of experience Viscount has supplied the bakery industry and has a range of rolls trays, bread trays and multi-level trays to meet your needs.


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Crates – Bakery Catalogue


 Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Crates – Bakery Catalogue



IH323 - SLBT
Crate, Vented 694mm x 606mm x 150mm

ih323 nally slbt crate

IH423 - SLBT2
693mm x 598mm x 150mm

IH321 - UBHN
694mm x 604mm x 150mm

ih321 nally ubhn bread crate

IH591 - MLBT
Bread Crate 644mm x 544mm x 124mm 

  IH322 - LLBT
687mm x 568mm x 96mm

  IH995 - Pie and Cake Crate
757mm x 555mm x 143mm

Note: External sizing only / sizing is nominal.