Large Tubs

If it's hospitality crates or tubs that you are looking for, again Viscount has the answer. Designed with smooth lines, and in food grade material, the hospitality range is diverse and incorporates all the needs within this industry.

Whether it is your safety or the safety of your product, plastic that is manufactured by an Australian manufacturer ensures your needs are accommodated.

   Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling 'Bulk Handling – Tubs' Catalogue  
  Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling 'Bulk Handling – Tubs' Catalogue  


IH091 - Meat and Poultry Tub
54 Litre, 700mm x 600mm x 340mm, Solid Tub, With Handles - (NAT)   
ih091 nally meat and poultry tub

67 Litre, 540mm x 508mm, Solid Tub – (RED, NATURAL)
IP016 - Lid To Suit IP015
ip015 nally tub with ip016 lid

84 Litre, 540mm x 610mm, Solid Tub – (NATURAL, GREEN) 
IP016 - Lid To Suit IP018
ip018 nally tub with ip016 lid 

114 Litre, 637mm x 455mm, Solid Tub  - (NATURAL, RED)
IP026 - Solid Lid To Suit IP025
ip025 nally tub with ip026 lid

IH539 - ViTub
200 Litre, 990mm x 660mm x 470mm Solid Tub
ih539 nally vitub