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Safe, reliable and smart handling is essential in the business of logistics and supply chain. Handling is a critical part of the supply chain and the need for efficiencies in this area of any business is a key driver to reducing costs and making business savings that are real.

Viscount has a wide range of container and crate solutions for all types of Materials handling needs. The variety of sizes ensures that each different aspect of your business is considered and catered for.

From small systematic Nally MicroBins to the original and best No 10 crate, Viscount offers a range of crates that consider the needs of security, smart logistics, identification needs, strength and product integrity.


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Crates – Solution Catalogue


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Crates – Solution Catalogue


585mm x 260mm x 178mm
IH978 - Lid to Suit IH003
ih003 crate 
  IH006 - Confectionary Crate ih006 nally crate 
  IH008 - Confectionary Crate Tray
455mm x 343mm x 32mm WHI

ih008 nally tray 
  IH009 - Confectionary Crate
456mm x 318mm x 57mm WHI
ih009 nally tray 
514mm x 213mm x 130mm
ih077 nally crate 

45 Litre, Solid – (NAT, RED)
ih043 nally crate
629mm x 400mm x 216mm
ih046 nally crate 

32 Litre, Solid – (NAT, GREY)
ih090 nally crate

27 Litre, Solid Sides – (NAT, BLUE, RED) 
ih042 nally crate

16 Litre, Solid – (NAT, BLUE, RED)

21 Litre, Solid (NAT, BLACK) 
ih047 nally crate

66 Litre, Vented – (BLUE, ORANGE)
572mm x 382mm x 318mm
ih098 nally crate 

20 Litre, Solid – (NAT, RED)
ih044 nally crate
641mm  x 413mm x 171mm
ih054 nally crate 

42 Litre, Solid – (NAT) (Supersedes IH020)
IH221 - Lid to Suit IH020
(NAT) (Supersedes IH021)

ih220 nally crate
  IH512 - Cape Lug Crate
35 Litre, 600mm x 400mm x 200mm
415mm x 415mm x 330mm
ih948 nally crate