Environmental Policy

Australian Packaging Covenant - Viscount Plastics Action Plan July 2010 to June 2015

APC Annual Report March 2012

This policy covers all activities conducted at Viscount Plastics by all people. The objective of this policy is to ensure that all activities are performed in a manner that protects the environment, promotes efficiency in the use of natural resources and energy, minimises waste, and is in compliance with all applicable environmental legislation. The Environmental Management System shall ensure that the policy objective is achieved by:

  • Anticipating environmental issues and taking appropriating action to maintain compliance with any new laws and regulations.
  • Providing effective and appropriate training and instruction to all management and employees.
  • Maintaining programs for environmental auditing, inspection and monitoring.
  • Providing safe systems of work to prevent accidental releases and spillage's, including discharges to air, water and land.
  • Maintaining Viscount Plastics' standard internationally regardless of local law.
  • Ensuring that Viscount is actively represented on industry / government groups concerned with the environmental impacts of our products and processes.
  • Considering environmental issues when planning and implementing new processes and operations.
  • Designing, manufacturing, storing and distributing products in a manner that protect the environment.
  • Maintaining a consultative process that encourages employees to participate in environmental matters.
  • Conserving resources by efficient use of energy and minimisation of waste.
  • Working with customers and community to develop recycling strategies.
  • Giving preference to suppliers and contractors that can demonstrate responsible and effective management of environmental issues.
  • Monitoring of and compliance with all applicable licence conditions.
  • The appropriate maintenance and application of environmental emergency procedures. 
  • Continually improving the environmental management system and environmental performances by;
    • Periodically reviewing the environmental impacts of our operations 
    • Establishing objectives and targets with a goal towards reducing environmental impacts 
    • Periodically measuring progress relative to established objectives and targets 
    • Management's periodic review of the effectiveness of the organisation's Environmental Management System in achieving the stated goals

All managers and supervisors are accountable for environmental performance in their areas of control. All employees have a responsibility to follow the procedures for protecting the environment and to report incidents and hazards to their supervisors.

Shane Moloughney
Managing Director