Viscount Plastics' 'SmartPail'  
New Space Saving Design with Smart Features

Smart thinking by Auckland-based Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd is reflected in the naming of their new 10 Litre rectangular 'SmartPail'.

Client Nestle Professional will use the 'SmartPail' for bulk culinary mixes.  


SmartPail main image

New Compact Design
13% smaller in size with no change to pack weight.

100% recyclable
Food grade polypropylene

Dishwasher & microwave safe
Up to 90oC

 Smart Pail stacked  SmartPail two pails with lids  
Improved storage
Front & side label design for flexibility
& better product recognition.
Easier product access
Elimination of plastic liner
 SmartPail nesting  SmartPail tear off lid  
Space efficient
Nesting & stacking features allow you
to maximise your space.
Easier to open & reseal
New tamper evident strip with easy opening ring pull
& new lid design with clip feature on opposite sides.

The Pail's success reflects the close client-supplier relationship. Viscount's innovation-packed 'SmartPail', among other important achievements, successfully overcomes rectangular packaging's weakness of sidewall distortion and lid bucking from high top loading. Trademark and design registration applications have been lodged to protect Viscount's breakthrough.