Colourful Viscount shows IntelliTote™ range the best medicine

Viscount Plastics made a splash at this year’s AUSPACK PLUS when it turned the spotlight on its Australian-developed Nally IntelliTote™ packaging system for pharmaceuticals.

Leading innovative packaging, supply chain and logistics solutions provider Viscount Plastics can always be counted upon to bring colour to a trade show with its cheerfully hued ranges of logistics and supply chain crates, buckets and totes.

This year, however, it also chose to highlight its innovative product design talents by shining the spotlight on its Nally IntelliTote™ system, the fruits of its labours for the pharmaceuticals market in conjunction with Symbion Pharmacy Services.

Nally IntelliTote™ provides a host of new generation features while meeting current supply chain and logistics requirements and encompassing key demands of pick-and-pack packaging data administration, private label procurement and inventory management.

Fully integrated with automated warehousing solution systems, IntelliTote™ incorporates fully automated labelling while complying with the ever-strict quality equirements demanded by the pharmaceutical industry.


Manufactured locally, the Nally IntelliTote™ provides increased nesting capability and is available in two sizes: 22 and 45 lt.

The IntelliTote™ uses tough, high-density polyethylene construction, far exceeding cardboard’s life-cycle, and is 100 per cent recyclable. “It’s an exciting product for us, because it is a totally new form of automation tote, and it nests so easily,” Viscount’s Southern Region Sales Manager Moran Pieris said. “And we have had a lot of appreciation for it here at AUSPACK. The level of contacts here has been good, the industry knowledge is sound, and there have been people here who can make purchasing decisions.”

Viscount Plastics services customers across the Asia Pacific region providing packaging, materials handling, water harvesting and industrial product solutions and applications to various end user and consumer markets. Viscount Plastics is a market leader within the Asia Pacific region in rigid