Viscount's VicRoad Pits are helping to light up Peninsula Link!

If you come to Viscount's operations in Carrum Downs, you will be able to see first-hand the application of one of their infrastructure products.  Excavators, tipper trucks, orange bollards, all are commonplace and are littering the landscape as construction commences on a new major freeway.


Eastlink at Carrum Downs will merge with one of Victoria's newest and largest road projects, Peninsula Link.  The Peninsula Link Freeway will stretch 27 kilometres from Carrum Downs to Mt Martha, taking commuters just 17 minutes and saving them an estimated 40 minutes in peak periods.  The road will also alleviate the strain on other main arterials, including Frankston Freeway and Moorooduc Highway.  The project cost comes in at around $760 million and will improve transport for people living, working and travelling to Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.


Viscount's involvement to date has been in working with road contractors and providing them with infrastructure products, such as the VicRoads' Pit which addresses the need to bury and house electrical cabling and services.


The large, 600mm diameter polyethylene pit primarily focuses on servicing the road authorities and is approved by Victoria's chief road body, Vic Roads (Approval: 96 H700-01).  The pit was designed to provide an alternative to expensive, heavy and fragile concrete cable housing.  The polyethylene pit outperforms its concrete counterpart with lightweight construction providing increased economies in freight and enabling easy and safe installations.  The pit addresses the reality of ground movement and the material is pliable and impact resistant, while the corrugated rib structure enables strength by distributing stress, thus providing maximum flexibility, resistance and durability.


Viscount is proud to be involved in the Victorian Government's $38 billion Victorian Transport Plan, repercussions from which both local business and individuals will benefit enormously.


Viscount is currently investigating further opportunities in which it can assist in delivering the road to the future!