Privacy Policy

Viscount Plastics (Australia) is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals. We are bound by the National Privacy principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act and all employees and officers of Viscount Plastics are expected to comply with the Act and this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy outlines what personal information we hold, the purpose for which it is held, and how that information is used and disclosed.

What information do we collect:
We may collect personal information though our interactions with those who we do business with, that is our customers, employees (existing and future) and contractor or suppliers to assist us in the provision of our business. The information we will collect will vary depending upon the circumstances but we will only collect information about an individual where there is or there is potential for a business relationship. This may include a person’s name, address and contact details.

Do we collect information online?
We collect personal information you provide via our website. This may be as a result of information you request via our website. This information is collected by us for the purposes of dealing with your request. We may be able to deal with your request without this information. We do not use cookies, tracking or other devices to store your personal information.

How is it used?
We use personal information for the purposes relating to products and services we provide. These purposes include:

  • Responding to enquires regarding any product or service you have requested
  • Receiving feedback and dealing with complaints
  • Processing orders and administering accounts
  • Providing customer support
  • Applications for employment
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Product development and market research
  • Meeting our regulatory and legal obligations

Do we disclose personal information to others?
We will only disclose personal information to a third party where we have consent to do so or if disclosure is required by law. We may disclose information to related companies of Viscount Plastics, Linpac or Linpac Rotational Mouldings. Consent may be written, verbal or implied from your conduct. By providing your personal information to us or by using our website, you are agreeing and accepting this privacy policy.