EcoScreen Plastic Lattice - Installation Instructions

Option 1:
Handy Frame Mounting Kit consists of a Colorbond® steel frame, plastic corners and screw caps. This kit can be used on EcoScreen® sheets (2,430mm x 1,215mm).

Option 2
Quick Cap Mounting Kit consists of plastic washers and caps in matching colours for surface mounting of EcoScreen® to any support structure.

Option 3
Fence Extension Frame Kit consists of Colorbond® steel uprights and top channel, plastic corners and screw-hole caps. This kit is to be used when attaching EcoScreen® Fence Extension panels to the top of an existing fence.

  • EcoScreen® must be installed in a way that allows it to freely expand and contract due to changes in temperature.
  • EcoScreen® must not be used where substantial weight is to be placed on it (such as for flooring).
  • Extra support must be provided wherever EcoScreen® is used in non-vertical applications. 
  • It is not recommended that EcoScreen® be used in a safety fence (such as around a pool or spa).

Installation Instructions  - PDF
Option 1:
Handy Frame Mounting Kit 
Option 2:
Quick Cap Mounting Kit
Option 3:
Fence Extension Frame Kit

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