EcoScreen Plastic Lattice - Q & A

What is EcoScreen Plastic Lattice made of?
EcoScreen Plastic Lattice is made from one of the world’s most durable resins, which includes UV stabilisers for long outdoor use. The resin is injection moulded into the mould, which has a wood grain finish on both sides.

Is there more than one profile of EcoScreen Plastic Lattice?
Yes, EcoScreen Plastic Lattice is available in 4 different profiles being, Privacy Diamond, Open Diamond, Woven Diamond and Woven Square.

What are the dimensions of the product/s?
EcoScreen Plastic Lattice is available in Sheet form and Fence Extension Panel form. The sheets are 2,430mm x 1,215mm while the Fence Extension Panels are 2,430mm x 530mm. Privacy Diamond and Open Diamond are both 6.5mm thick. Woven Diamond and Woven Square are both 8.5mm thick.

Can EcoScreen Plastic Lattice be painted?
Painting is not recommended, as most paints will not adhere to the surface (being plastic), which will rapidly begin to peel. Painting is not required as the colour is throughout the sheet and there are a number of colours to choose from.

Will EcoScreen Plastic Lattice rot, rust, come apart or decay like wood?
No. When installed correctly, according to installation instructions, and under normal use, it will not rot, rust, come apart, peel, blister, crack or corrode. It is also termite/insect proof and non-toxic.

Does EcoScreen Plastic Lattice need room for expansion?
Yes. Like all plastic building materials, EcoScreen Plastic Lattice will expand and contract with temperature changes. A gap is required on all sides of the panel, and around all screws inserted through the lattice, as this is to allow for thermal movement. Refer to installation instructions for more information.

What can I do if my lattice bows?
Loosen attaching screws and ensure enough space is allowed for expansion and contraction.

Do I need special tools to install EcoScreen Plastic Lattice?
Conventional tools can be used for cutting, drilling, and fastening. For your safety remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses.

Can EcoScreen Plastic Lattice be installed lying flat?
It is not recommended for applications in which it will lay flat. If this is desired, it would be best to brace the lattice sheet every 300mmIt should be hung upright and attached to a self-supporting structure or frame. Refer to the installation instructions for more information.

How do I clean EcoScreen Plastic Lattice?
Periodic rinsing with water is typically all that is required to remove surface dirt. For in-ground dirt, soap and water should be used, using a soft-bristled brush. Avoid using cleaning agents that may contain bleach.

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