Innovation & Design

Watch a demonstration of an innovative new design by Viscount 

Viscount Plastics is a full service and solutions provider of innovative Commercial Infrastructure, Rigid Packaging and Materials Handling products.

We help our customers with project management through every part of the design process to ensure an end result of superior products, solutions and service.  

Viscount Plastics "Gateway Process" is a project management tool that is designed to assist in the evaluation of new product development projects.  At Viscount Plastics all New Product Development projects, from the conception of an idea to the commercial launch of a new product, is done under the guidelines of their "Gateway process".  This process is carried out via cross-functional team group participation, with projects assigned to Project Team Leaders who have total responsibility for their project.  Project Team Leaders are assigned team members who will be active in carrying out their assigned activities and in seeing the project through to a successful conclusion.

The Viscount Gateway objectives are to ensure that New Product Development meets the business and customer requirements.  Since it's launch in 2007, Viscount has:

  • Reduced development costs and time to market
  • Optimised the use of Viscount resources
  • Improved project management through the use of cross functional teams
  • Provided a visual process with defined targets and decision reviews
  • Improved success rate of new product launch
  • Transparency with customers

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