Nally MegaBins®

The Nally MegaBin® is the original Australian bulk bin. Designed for fruit and vegetable movement and retail high performance the Nally MegaBin® is clearly the way of plastic bins in Australia .

Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces results in less bruising and damage to your produce. Multiple vents in sides and base provide superior airflow so products cool faster adding valuable shelf life to your produce. Unique design with rounded entry has a larger forklift entry height than wooden bins, and the smooth, non-absorbent surface is not affected by dipping operations.

The design is compatible with most bin handling equipment. Unique moulded label holders for cards and tags. Small, exterior pads reduce scratches. Easy, clear ownership with identification with hot foil stamping. Comfortable handholds are built in for easy lifting and handling of bins. The positive interlocking foot design permits fast and safe stacking.

Nally Megabins® are up to 40% lighter in weight than wood bins and the weight is constant as they don't absorb moisture. This allows for freight efficiencies of 4-5%. In practice you are able to transport 2-3 extra bins of fruit per semi-trailer load.

A strong bin cover, tipping bars, liquid bungs, hotstamping and numbering are all available at your request.

 Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling 'Bulk Handling – Nally MegaBins' Catalogue    

 image of megabin flyer's cover

 Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Logistic Soutltions – Nally MegaBins® Catalogue


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Logistic Soutltions – Nally MegaBin® Flyer

 Solid Nally MegaBins®  
780 Litre, 1165mm x 1165mm x 780mm Solid – (BEIGE)
 ms7800 nally megabin solid 780ltr
780 Litre, 1165mm x 1165mm x 780mm
Solid and Vented with Tipping Bars Attached – (BEIGE)
 ms7800t nally megabin solid with tipping bars
780 Litre, 1165mm x 1165mm x 780mm Solid,
with Screw in Drainage Bung – (BEIGE)
 Nally Vented MegaBins®  
720 Litre, 1165mm x 1165mm x 720mm Vented, 10mm Vents – (BEIGE)
 ms7310t nally megabin vented
780 Litre, 1165mm x 1165mm x 780mm Vented, 10mm Vents – (BEIGE)
 Accessories & Decoration for Nally MegaBins®  
Lid to Suit all Nally MegaBins  – Solid – (Beige)
 mslid nally megabin lid
Racking Feet
Standard Foot Low
Racking Foot High 

 rackingfeet on nally megabins
Note: Upon request, Hotstamping, Bar-coding and RFID (radio frequency id tags) available.