Roto Square / Rectangle

Versatile in both size and shape, this extensive range of rectangular containers can solve storage problems.  Straight wall with robust top flanges are suitable for products range from food items to general materials and even chemical applications.  Moulded in tough polyethylene these storage tubs also have the option of a lid for extra content protection.  With a range of capacity's ranging from 140L to 1380L - there is a solution to suit you.


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Crates Catalogue – Rotationally Moulded Square and Rectangular Containers.


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling 'Bulk Handling – Rotationally Moulded Square and Rectangular Containers' Catalogue


MH1620 - Rectangular Tray
50 Litre, 550mm x 800mm x 120mm
mh620 nally rectangular tray 50ltr

MH1621 - Rectangular Tray
95 Litre, 800mm x 1050mm x 120mm
mh1621 nally rectangular tray 95ltr

MH1659 - Rectangular Tray
120 Litre, 540mm x 1160mm x 200mm
mh1659 nally rectangular tray 120ltr.

MH1665 - Square Tank Mobile Food Bin
210 Litre, 670mm x 670mm x 590mm

mh1665 nally square tank mobile food bin

MH1208 - Square Tank
165 Litre, 610mm x 610mm x 465mm
No Lid 9kg 
mh1208 square tank 165ltr.

MH1209 - Rectangular Tank
140 Litre, 670mm x 440mm x 495mm 
No Lid - 6.5kg  
mh1209 nally rectangular tank 140ltr

1030mm x 510mm x 495mm
mh1216 nally rectangular tank

1230mm x 620mm x 600mm
mh1224 nally rectangular tank

MH1229 - Rectangular Tank
690 Litre, 1230mm x 620mm x 935mm
Lid available
mh1229 nally rectangular tank 690ltr.

MH1630 - 1000L Pallet Bin
1000 Litre, 1100mm x 1100mm x 1150mm

MH1690 - Pallet Bin
1500 Litre, 1155mm x 1330mm x 1395mm
1690 nally pallet bin 1500ltr.