Safety Solutions

In the workplace of today, safety is paramount.  These solutions are about ensuring your staff are efficient and importantly safe as they work.

This range is designed for longevity and performance.


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling Crates Catalogue – Safety  


Viscount Plastics' Materials Handling
'Bulk Handling – Safety' Catalogue 




IN3020 - Secure Step
490mm x 400mm x 360mm 

 materials handling, secure step

IG051 - Grid Mat
508mm x 508mm x 25mm

Materials Handling, grid mat 

IN3015 - Racking Protector
500mm x 131mm

 materials handling, racking protector

IN3010 - Corner Protector
1200mm x 165mm

 materials handling, corner protector

IN3975 - Speed Hump
800mm x 412mm x 63mm

 materials handling, speed hump

IN3005 - Column Protector
1200mm x 150mm

 materials handling, column protector


IN3000 - Downpipe Protector
1000mm x 166mm 

 materials handling, downpipe protector


IN4610 - Fender Guard
1250mm x 150mm x 50mm 

 materials handling, fender guard