Viscount Plastics Nally IntelliTote™

Introducing the newest addition to Viscount Plastics Nally tote range; the Nally IntelliTote™. The tote is an example of Viscounts' commitment to excellence. 
 image of nally intellitote tote 22Ltr  IntelliTote™ 22Ltr. Model
Standard Crate Weight Limit: 10kg
Static Storage (stacked 8 high): 100kg
Actual Capacity to top of crate: 22Ltr.
 image of nally intellitote tote 45l IntelliTote™ 45Ltr. Model
Standard Crate Weight Limit: 15kg
Static Storage (stacked 8 high): 120kg
Actual Capacity to top of crate: 44Ltr.
New Generation:

The Nally IntelliTote™ was designed in conjunction with a leading pharmaceutical company.

The tote provides a host of new generation features; its design satisfies supply chain and logistics current requirements and encompasses future technologies, addressing key demand of pick and pack packaging, data administration, private label procurement and inventory management.



Nally IntelliTote™ is fully integrated with automated warehousing solution systems, incorporates fully automated labelling and complies with the strict quality requirements necessitated by the Pharmaceutical Industry. To ensure optimum product quality is achieved the Nally IntelliTote™ is manufactured locally. The tote provides increased nesting capacity and is available in two sizes, 515mm x 391mm x 304mm and 515mm x 391mm x 150.5mm. The smaller of the two units fits 180 totes to a pallet, while the larger 90 totes to a pallet.



RTP provides a far superior solution for the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals and healthcare product lines than their one-way cardboard counterpart. The Nally IntelliTote’s™ tough high-density polyethylene construction far exceeds cardboards life cycle, making it the more favourable environmental and economical product. Returnable Transit Packaging equates to a reduction in raw materials, energy and water used for manufacture as well as final disposal. And users capital expenditure also benefits, equating to savings to the bottom line. When the tote has reached the end of its long life cycle, it is 100% recyclable.



Viscount’s key focus on innovation incorporates providing superior environmental solutions. The Nally IntelliTote™ improves upon the previous tote systems currently available, with reduced manufacturing cycle time and product weight, in line with Australian Packaging Convenant expectations. It provides a superior solution at reduced carbon cost.

The push for smarter, faster and more effective product is a clear directive of the Pharmaceutical Industry.



Viscount Plastic’s commitment to innovation continues and is proud to present to you the new Nally IntelliTote™.

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