Packaging Pails

  • Plastic only handles (to better enable detection of any metal contaminants of contents)
  • Tamper evident
  • Features patented LIFTAB™
  • Decoration options - up to six colours for permanent decoration
  • Manufactured under HACCP conditions, ideal for a wide range of food applications
 Developed as a food service and light industrial range, the Ezypail features the patented LIFTAB™ that couples as an easy, fingertip opening while providing evidence of unauthorised opening or tampering.

This is easily seen when the LIFTAB™ no longer fits flush. A user-friendly hinge allows LIFTAB™ to open lids time and time again without breaking. The lid itself is resealable and available in a range of colours.

Quality food-grade polymers and a smooth, clean design contribute to the smart retail presence of the Ezypail for high value delicacies, from a 250mL pail of gelato all the way up to enhancing the value of milk powder and other bulk items packaged in the 10 Litre Ezypail.

Image of Ezypail Range

a. 250mL Ezypail  
b. 500mL Ezypail 
c. 1 Litre Ezypail   
d. 2 Litre Ezypail   
e. 5 Litre Ezypail   
f. 10 Litre Ezypail



Viscount Plastics' IML breaks free from the constraints of conventional decoration methods by introducing preprinted polymer labels into the moulding process to create a seamless fusion of label and rigid plastic packaging. The benefits are as practical as they are aesthetic. See page four and five for further details on decoration.

Please consult Viscount Plastics where weights, volumes and dimensions are critical, as those shown should be treated as indicative only. (Viscount Plastics reserves the right to make product alterations at its discretion).

  •  Innovative hinged lid for easy access & re-seal
  • Tamper evident lid
  • Provides over 30% saving on warehousing & distribution cost. 10 Litre Spacesavers: Palletizes 5 x 5 per layer (25 units) compared to 4 x 4 per layer. (16 units) with conventional pails
  • Plastic Handles (to better enable detection of any metal contaminants of contents)
  • No pallet overhang
  • Manufactured under HACCP conditions, ideal for a wide range of food applications
  • Gasket option for tight liquid seal
  • Suitable for hot or cold filling
  • 10 Litre available in Dangerous Goods version (Group II Solids)
The Viscount Plastics' Spacesaver range is recognised as the most economic and cost effective shapes and sizes for national and international distribution. The 'square shape' dimensions of the Viscount Plastics' Spacesaver pails optimises packaging density on pallets, in storage, in shipping containers and on display shelving where each wall presents a large surface for decoration and brand identity.  

Images of the Spacesaver range
a. 10 Litre Spacesaver
b. 15 Litre Spacesaver
c. 20 Litre Spacesaver
d. 10 Litre Spacesaver with FountainLine IML and gasket lid
e. 10 Litre Spacesaver with Radiant IML and Flip-Lok™ lid
f. 15 Litre Spacesaver with Dazzle IML and Flip-Lok™ lid

Flip-Lok Lids    
  • Innovative 10 and 15 Litre hinged lids for easy access and re-sealing
  • Tamper evident lid
  • Ideal for a wide range of food products
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / HACCP Certified
  • Lid is manufactured from PP
Flip-Lok™ lids are available for the 10 Litre and 15 Litre Spacesaver pails.   
 Image of Flip-Lok Lids
10 Litre Flip-Lok™ lid in closed position, seal intact.
10 Litre Flip-Lok™ lid in closed position after seal is broken.
0 Litre Flip-Lok™ lid in open position after seal has been broken. 
  • Substantially improved lid removal design over traditional pail
  • User friendly, tamper evident tab design which reduces packaging waste
  • Improved top load performance over traditional 10 Litre pails
  • Decoration options including Offset Printing and Heat Transfer
  • "Squatter" base design enhancing stability
 Image of the Nupail
  • Heavy gauge metal handles with plastic grips or the option of a plastic handle (to better enable detection of any metal contaminants of contents)
  • Re-sealable, first-time-open tamper-evident lid
  • The availability of a pour spout lid for liquid applications (10, 15 & 20 Litre pails)
  • Suitable for hot or cold filling
  • Manufactured under HACCP conditions
  • Heat Transfer decoration available for the 10, 12.5, 15 and 20 Litre Vipails Pails, for high impact shelf appeal
  • Offset Printing up to six colours available for entire Vipail range
  • Nest for storage and stack for transport
The Vipail range is a tough industrial strength range of round pails. These are the pails of choice for manufacturers of various applications, from processed foods, water-based paints, adhesives and chemicals right through to pharmaceutical and agricultural products.

A tight fitting lid provides an excellent water tight seal, is drop safe and can withstand a high degree of sideways distortion without breaking the seal.


 Image of the Vipail range

a. 1 Litre Vipailb.
b. 2 Litre Vipail
c. 4 Litre Vipail
d. 10 Litre Vipaile.
e. 12.5 Litre Vipail
f. 15 Litre Vipail
g. 20 Litre Vipail




Catalogue for the Packaging range:
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