VLS (Viscount Logistics Services)
Cost Effective Returnable Packaging & Logistics Solutions

Viscount Logistics Services (VLS) is a provider of asset logistics management for 450 suppliers throughout Australia.  Formed in August 2005, VLS is a Division of Viscount Plastics.

  • VLS is a supply chain solutions provider for the cleaning, repairing and recycling of returnable packaging to the Australia food and retail industries.
  • With washing plants in five states, each using state of the art automation equipment, VLS issues up to 1M crates over 300-350 orders per week.
  • Our commitment to maintaining and improving all OHS and Hygiene standards is entrenched in our culture and we are proud to hold HACCP certification.
  • We offer a favourable solution cost over alternative packaging systems, including cardboard. Close management of the assets enables fast response solutions for the requirements of even the most demanding of customers.
  • Our Carbon footprint is lower than cardboard.  This can assist companies to reduce their overall environmental impact.

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