Telecommunication Accessories

VRM's range of extension collars provide for installations that require an increase in the depth of the pit connections. These collars are quick and easy to install by attaching the collar to the appropriate pit by means of stainless steel screws. A maximum of two collars per pit can be used. VRM has a range of moulded lockable lids. These have an anti slip surface and have been independently tested by Nata Approved Laboratories to AS/NZS 3661.1. Our locking mechanism offers cost effective security. All locking lids are supplied with plastic keys and protection plugs. The rotomoulded lockable lids are certified to Class A; footways and areas accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists. Viscount's collars and lids are moulded in black, UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene to handle the toughest Australian conditions.

To further enhance Viscount's range of Infrastructure Products we now have included gaskets and cross bars. The new range of Viscount gaskets ensures security of the pit from foreign objects entering the pit cavity. The gaskets fit neatly below the lid and are available in 5 common sizes. The VRM gaskets are made from black fluted polypropylene sheet. The VRM crossbars are designed to fit the larger pits that require more than one lid. The crossbars come in two types of cast iron for the P6, P8 and P9 pit and the fabricated steel bar for the smaller P7 pit.

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UG2016 - P4 Collar
710mm x 410mm x 234mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Collar                                                                                                      

UG2010 - P5 Collar
715mm x 455mm x 230mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Collar                                          


  UG2011 - P6 & P8 Collar
1380mm x 545mm x 280mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Collar



UG2017 - LP7 Collar
1015mm x 560mm x 280mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Collar 


UG2200 - P4 Lockable Lid  
655mm x 355mmx 90mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Lid



UG2300 - P5 Lockable Lid
650mm x 397mm x 90mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Lid



UG2350 - P6 Lockable Lid to Suit P6, P8 & P9
650mm x 495mm x 115mm
Rotationally Moulded Polymer Lid

Locking Mechanism for P4 - P6 Lid Range 


  21BU0012  - Plug
20FA0013 - Key
Plug & Key to Suit P4 to P6 Lid Range



UG2014 - Reinstatement Kit


UG3002 to Suit P2 Pit  
 to Suit P3 Pit
UG3004 to Suit P4 Pit
UG3005 to Suit P5 Pit
UG3006 to Suit P6, P8 & P9 Pit
Please Note: Two Gaskets are required for P6 & P8 Pits.
Three Gaskets are required for P9 Pits 

  21MC26CI - P7 Crossarm Bar


21MC25CI - Crossarm Bar
For P6, P8 & P9 Pits



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