Rail Products

VRM continues to develop specialised mouldings to suit the growing demands of the challenging Australian Railway market.

The single and double railway base offer strength with lightweight and low cost compared to conventional products. Moulded from a single wall, hollow cored construction these mouldings are built to last in the toughest Australian environments.

The multi compartment cable tray is designed to be laid end to end with overlapping joints and has a removable lid for easy cable installation and access. Both 2 and 3 section trays are available and provide a cost effective separation of the services.

The large 1000mm diameter railway pits now are available with both standard and lockable galvanized metal lids. The simple quick action rotating lock mechanism provides security of the lid and protects the contents of the pit from unauthorized entry.

A recent addition to the VRM range of infrastructure products is the new Rail Pit 1. This robust polyethylene pit has been designed to provide security for cables and components in public accessible locations. The hot dipped galvanized lockable lids are secured to the ends of the pit by heavy-duty hinges. The anti-slip reinforced lids provide strong closure with the option of being lockable. A strong rib profile has been designed to provide lateral strength necessary to resist the compressive force of backfilling during installation and service.


UG2072 - Railway Cable Tray
2068mm x 450mm x 338mm                          

UG2071 - Railway Cable Tray Lid 
2017mm x 450mm x 70mm 


UG2077-  Railway Cable Tray
1150mm 540mm x 350mm

UG2076 - Railway Cable Tray Lid 
1150mm x 430mm x 75mm  

  UG2073 - Railway Single Signal Base
1425mm x 1165mm x 530mm

UG2074 - Railway Double Signal Base
2440mm 1120mm 740mm  


  UG2090 - Railway Platform Pit
1130mm 830mm 700mm

UG2075 - Railway Pit 1000mm 
1140mm x 1215

  UG2070 - Lid
1150mm x 1038mm 50mm

UG2104 - Lockable Lid 1000mm
1150mm x 1038mm 50mm

  UG2550 - Square to Round Pit
700mm x 550mm 1180mm

UG2350 - Lockable Lid 
650mm x 495mm 115mm

  UG2078 - Railway Type 1 Pit
1220mm x 820mm 960mm
Infastructure Catalogue

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