Road Products

With the need to bury electrical and general traffic services, VRM have a range of polyethylene pits and lids that are UV stabilized and have been designed to support a variety of cable installations for the Australian Road Authorities. The 'Square to Round' pit with matching lockable lid provide a secure lightweight combination designed for modern cable junction applications.

The smaller detector pits with optional slip resistant lockable lids and the reinforced J3 pit compliment this rugged market segment.

Complimenting the VRM range of infrastructure pits is the new P5-800 pit. This P5 style pit has an increased depth totalling 800mm offering the greater conduit depth without the need for an extension collar. Made from UV stabilised polyethylene the P5-800 pit is both durable and lightweight and is compatible with both the standard P5 lids and the VRM's locking P5 polymer lid.


UG2080 - VicRoads Pit
660mm x620mm x 1045mm                              

UG2550 - 'Square to Round' Pit
700mm x 550mm x 1180mm

  UG2350 - Lockable Lid
650mm x 495mm x 115mm

UG2580 -P5  - 800 Pit

  UG2086 - J3 Pit
545mm x 320mm x 535mm
  UG2082 - Detector Pit Lockable
248mm x 248mm x 395mm

UG2084 - Detector  Lid Lockable 
220mm x 220mm x 45

  UG2081 - Detector Pit
248mm x 248mm x 395mm

UG2083 - Detector Lid 
220mm x 220mm 45mm


Infastructure Catalogue

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