Water Products

VRM over the years have developed an extensive range of pits suitable for the housing of control valve and meters. From the two legged round pit, water hydrant pit, rural water air valve pit, to the combined collared hydrant pit, VRM offer the highest quality in underground products. The strong reinforced dual skin lids are available in both the standard and snap lock varieties including embossed names such as Hydrant, Air Valve, Valve and Sewer. The lids are also available in a wide range of colours that can assist in identifying the purpose of the equipment housed.

The UV Stabilised polyethylene flushing meter box comes with a security lid.  The rotationally moulded lid offers an anti-slip surface embossed with the word 'Water' or 'Sewer' and is secured with the use of a single corrosion resistant, bolt. VRM's G3 pit along with being in our Gas Product range has now successfully been used in Grey Water Systems for larger hydrant installations. This highlights the flexibility of product application that applies to all infrastructure products and our ability to adapt to future demands.

VRM has a range of infrastructure products that suit the growing demand to bury gas meters and valve connections. Developed in conjunction with the Energy Authorities the range of pits and lockable lids cover most requirements. 

The larger G3 pit has options including a 240mm extension collar, removable shelf or the option of either the rotationally moulded class A lockable lid or the heavy duty reinforced class B lockable resin lid. All lids are supplied with keyhole security plugs to keep the lock stem free of foreign material and ready to use. The resin lids also have the option of a galvanized support frame that can be used in high traffic areas. These frames are generally cast into the concrete or bitumen pathway surface and prevent the load transfer to the pit itself. The lockable lids have load bearing capability from class A to class C and have a certified anti-slip surface profile.

Whatever your requirement, VRM have the safe option for restricted access to your control and metering equipment.

Water Products Range


  WA1501  -
Hydrant Pit

430mm x 425mm                              


WA1504 -
Rural Valve Pit
430mm x 735mm


WA1500 -
2 Leg Pit

435mm x 620mm

The VRM lids come in a range of colours and embossed names. Custom made plates can be produced to suit both corporate and special applications. 


WA1522 -  

'Valve' Snap Lock Lid  


WA1521 - 

'Hydrant' Snap Lock Lid  


UG2026 -  

'Danger Electricity' Snap Lock Lid  


UG2036 - 

'Telecommunications' Snap Lock Lid  


WA1502 -  

'Hydrant' Lid  


WA1503 - 

'Sewer' Lid 


WA1505 -  

'Air Valve' Lid  


WA1510 -  

'Valve' Lid  


WA1525 -  

'Sewer' Snap Lock Lid 


All of the above lids are  390mm x 85mm 

UG2033 -
G3 Pit

700mm x 550mm x 700mm

UG2350 -
G3 Lockable Lid

650mm x 495mm x 115mm 


UG2005 -
P5 Pit
705mm x 455mm x 230mm


UG2300 -
P5 Lockable Lid

650mm x 397mm x 90mm 

  WA1506 -
Flushing Box
585mm x 375mm x 350mm


WA1507 -
Flushing Box Lid
545mm x 339mm x 38mm 


Infastructure Catalogue

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